Live At The Gathering

2001, Ironing Board Recordings

1. Strangely Inward (6:46)
2. Silver Sky (6:22)
3. Fusebox (5:24)
4. Four Days On (10:54)
5. Organizing the Struggle (6:25)
6. Point of Seeing (6:35)
7. India (written by John Coltrane) (8:00)

This CD was recorded on September 23, 2000, at the Gathering, St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia.
Photos from the concert can be found here, courtesy of Bill Forcier.
For a detailed account of the concert, please click this link.

Strangely Inward, Fusebox, Four Days On and Point of Seeing debuted at this performance and are currently unavailable on any other recording.

This release is no longer generally available.