the anatomy of waves To Wake From a Thousand Dreams (2017)

Electronic Music:
the anatomy of waves The Anatomy of Waves (2008)
shadows on water Shadows On Water (with The Circular Ruins) (2007)
means of ascent Means of Ascent (2006)
escape velocity Escape Velocity (2006)
sonic approach Sonic Approach (2003)
the opposite of staring into space The Opposite Of Staring Into Space (2000)
synthetic block Synthetic Block (1998)

SOAUO Sounds Of A Universe Overheard
EM2006 Electro-Music 2007
EM2006 Electro-Music 2006
dronedownload Drone Download Project
beyondme Beyond Me
tracks Tracks Across The Universe
canterbury To Canterbury And Beyond: A Tribute To The Canterbury Scene
elp Fanfare For The Pirates: An Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute
gtri1 GoldTri Compilation: Volume 1
gtri2 GoldTri Compilation: Volume 2
sonic approach Elephant Tape: A Tribute to King Crimson

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