Jonathan Block has been recording and releasing music for over 30 years. After years of playing ambient electronic music with keyboards and synthesizers, Jonathan has returned to his roots as a solo songwriter, and released his first album of songs in 2017, To Wake From a Thousand Dreams.

Block was a founding member in 1983 of the musical collective, the Objective Music Coalition, with other musicians who were interested in developing an applied creative practice. He joined the emerging ambient/space music scene of the early 1990s, releasing a number of cassettes under his own Ironing Board Recordings imprint.

Block's first electronic music CD, Synthetic Block, was released on Mindspore in 1998. Subsequent electronic music CDs have been released on labels such as Hypnos and Gears of Sand. His music has also appeared on numerous compilations, and has been featured on many radio shows, including Echoes, Star's End and Stillstream. In addition to his solo works, Block has performed and recorded with Dave Fulton, APK and Ben Fleury-Steiner. Block's live performances have also provided the ideal accompaniment to many multimedia events including painters, sculptors, visual artists and dancers.

Block is also a poet whose poems have been published in journals around the world, including Phoebe, The NRG Anthology, The Chiron Review and Riverrun. His first collection of poetry, Another Time Another Place, was published in 2012.

In addition, Jonathan Block is a vice president at SiriusDecisions, a research and advisory firm for sales and marketing executives.

Here are some press quotes describing Block's electronic music:

"The overall effect is a spacious elegance in which Block confidently produces a gravity defying mixture of cosmic pastorale and post-art rock electronics."
Star's End

"It has odd-meter workouts that bring to mind no one in particular but Block himself. Not only are his compositions good, but the sounds he produces from his synthesizers are rich, organic and fresh."

"In the absence of conventional percussion, Block utilizes synthetic sounds bearing no semblance to impacts in a rhythmic mode, generating engaging beats that function as tempos while remaining part of the electronic flow."
Sonic Curiosity