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Jonathan Block has been performing and recording progressive music for the past 30 years. This site features samples and reviews of Block's music, along with information on live appearances and other activities.

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Latest News

New Videos. I've uploaded a lot of videos lately. Click here to view them.

New Recordings. I've started recording a new album consisting of songs I've written in the last couple of years. Click here for more information.

Another Time Another Place. My first collection of poetry has been published through Amazon. Click here for more information.

Lyrics. I've posted some lyrics from the past few years. Click here to read them.

Block and Tackle. Jim Cyr and I are writing and recording together again. Click here to listen to some of our new music. Please consider becoming a fan of ours on Facebook by clicking here.

Latest CD. My last electronic album, The Anatomy Of Waves is available on Hypnos.

Block electronic music on iTunes. Shadows on Water is available on iTunes by clicking here. Means of Ascent and Escape Velocity are available by clicking here.

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