Book Of Formation

2001, Ironing Board Recordings

1. Book of Formation (Part 1) (19:14)
2. In/to (7:50)
3. Inevitable (8:37)
4. Book of Formation (Part 2) (18:15)

This is a collection of rerecorded and reanimated tracks from 1996.
More information about each track can be found below.

This release is no longer generally available.

Book of Formation was originally released as "A Science of Forget" on cassette in 1996. A Science of Forget started out as a 72-minute track, which was then rearranged to fit on both sides of a 40-minute cassette. In 1998, the track was dramatically reworked to the version that appears on The Opposite of Staring Into Space CD, retaining only a couple of elements from the original versions. Since the tracks differ so much, I retitled and rerecorded version 2 as "Book of Formation." Because of the time limits imposed by, where the disc was originally available, the track was split into two parts once again.

In/to was originally part of the 1995 cassette release "Organizing the Struggle." This version is slightly altered. It has since been rerecorded and appears on the Escape Velocity CD.

Inevitable is a complete rerecording of the track that originally appeared on the 1996 cassette release "After." This track evolved from a riff I wrote while on a Guitar Craft course in 1990. A portion of this composition was rearranged and recorded for the Sonic Approach CD.