To Wake From a Thousand Dreams

2017, The Objective Music Coalition

This is not electronic music but an album of songs, with guitars, bass, vocals and mellotron. To Wake From a Thousand Dreams is available at all the major streaming and downloading sites, including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and Youtube. Just visit your favorite site and type in the artist name and album title (Jonathan Block To Wake From a Thousand Dreams). You can also check out this release on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

Click here to download a digital booklet for this release.

1. Throwing Diamonds Down
2. The Man Who Nearly
3. Tablecloths
4. Dust and Dreams
5. Walking on Foreign Ground
6. All That You Say
7. Off The Beaten Path
8. And How
9. Moving Targets
10. Eyes Closed
11. The Enemy Within
12. Another Time Another Place
13. Stones of Infinity
14. Nothing More or Less
15. King of Corners
16. Across the Borderline
17. Welcome to the Unknown
18. What Gives?
19. Surface Tension
20. Close to Inevitable
21. Where Now
22. Trapped on a Wheel

All songs © 2017 Jonathan Block
Written, performed and recorded by Jonathan Block
(except tracks 4, 5, 15 and 22, written by Jonathan Block and Jim Cyr)
Recorded and mixed at Ironing Board Studios, Fairfield, CT USA
Design and photography: synthblock