The Anatomy Of Waves

2008, Hypnos

1. Diffract (14:43)
2. Diffuse (16:16)
3. Dissolve (13:26)
4. Disperse (18:50)

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Surface waves. Standing waves. Light waves. Sound waves. Waves are disturbances that travel through space and time transferring energy from one point to another; often the physical manifestation of an underlying cycle. The Anatomy of Waves is a study of these cycles through evolving waves of sound - representations of our attachment to the crests and troughs that are characteristics of living in this world.

The music on this CD was created using a wind synthesizer processed through an effects pedal board and looped using long delay times that fade slowly, enabling new sounds and loops to be added and subtracted. All the tracks have a compositional foundation but this structure is fluid enough to allow the music to move in any number of directions, often simultaneously. From melodic to abstract, musical elements emerge and coalesce by design and hazard as phrases interact with one another and sounds are added that never become part of a repeating loop.

This music was recorded using an Akai EWI4000s wind synthesizer as the only sound source. A Vox Toneworks LE was used for sound processing and a Boss DD-20 digital delay.